Please note that these research pages are not completely updated.  You can find a better picture of my current research work here.

My research is driven by the fundamental sustainable mobility challenge: how can we maintain the capability to provide non-declining accessibility over time? Accessibility –individuals’ abilities to fulfill the daily needs and desires necessary to survive and thrive – is key to human development. How can we increase society’s accessibility levels, thereby increasing human development potentials, while reducing or eliminating the wide-ranging negative impacts, short- and long-term, that modern mobility systems impose on us, our ecosystems, and future generations?

I focus on three inter-related areas critical to answering this question:

(1) Human Behavior: understanding the dynamic relationships between human behavior and the built, social, and natural environments;

(2) Strategic Planning: devising and demonstrating new planning approaches, with the goal of producing more robust strategies for sustainability in the face of uncertainty; and

(3) Policy, Finance and Implementation: identifying viable pathways, through the complex institutional settings of the modern metropolis, to implement change.

My research is also increasingly digitalizing, developing and deploying various mobile and digital technologies to support the above research areas.

I have been involved in sponsored research projects in China, Latin America, Portugal, Singapore and the USA.