Conference Presentations (last 5 years)

  1. “The emergence of inter-municipal collaboration in Portuguese metropolitan planning.” 2011. CITTA 4th Annual Conference on Planning Research, Porto, Lisbon, 13 May (w/ L. Rayle).
  2. “Does Transport Energy Follow Urban Form? An Examination of Nine Neighborhoods in Jinan, China.” 2011. Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, January (w/Y. Jiang, R. Zhang).
  3. “Telling the Future Together: Collaborative scenario planning as a potential step toward policy integration.” 2011. Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, January (w/ L. Rayle).
  4. “PPPs: A Highway to Sustainable Metropolitan Mobility?” 2011. Symposium on Public Private Partnerships in Transport: Trends & Theory, Lisbon, 12 January (w/ C. Grillo).
  5. “Urban Sustainability in the Face of Uncertainty: Linking Integrated Urban Models, Scenario Planning and Performance Measurement.” 2010. BETTER AIR QUALITY Conference, Singapore, Nov. 9-11 (w/ Marianne Hatzopoulou, Bruno Santos, Weifeng Li, Shan Jiang, Jae Seung Lee, Yi Zhu, Joseph Ferreira).
  6. “REAL-TIME DATA: Institutional Strategies for Improving the Public Transportation Experience.” 2010. BETTER AIR QUALITY Conference, Singapore, Nov. 9-11 (w/ C. Brakewood).
  7. “The Dynamics of Metropolitan Motorization under Rapid Development: the Beijing Case.” 2010. World Conference on Transport Research, Lisbon, Portugal, July (w/ Y. Chen).
  8. “With What Concessions? The Influence of Metropolitan Highway Public-Private Partnerships on Sustainable System Management.” 2010. World Conference on Transport Research, Lisbon, Portugal, July (w/ C. Grillo).
  9. “Walk the Line: Station Context, Corridor Type and Bus Rapid Transit Walk Access in Jinan, China.” 2010. World Conference on Transport Research, Lisbon, Portugal, July (w/ Y. Jiang and S. Mehndiratta).
  10. “Research in MPP Transportation Systems (TR SYS): Structure, Process, and Main Lessons for International Inter-University Collaborative Research.” 2010. World Conference on Transport Research, Lisbon, Portugal, July (w/ J. Viegas).
  11. “Capturing the Value to Finance Transit Systems? Lessons from a Comparative Study of Chicago and Lisbon.” 2010. TRB 4th International Conference on Surface Transportation Finance, New Orleans, May 19-21 (w/S. Jiang, L. Martínez, J.M. Viegas).
  12.  “The Built Environment and Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a Rapidly Developing City.” 2009. Presented at the 2009 Transportation Planning, Land Use, and Air Quality Conference, Denver, July.
  13. “Hacia el Federalismo Fiscal: Dificultades y desafíos en el caso del sector de transporte público portugués.” 2009.  Presented at the XV Latin American Congress for Public and Urban Transport, Buenos Aires, April (with J. Nelson, R. Macário).
  14. “Travel Behavior of Baby Boomers in Suburban Age Restricted Communities.” 2008. Presented at TRB Conference Impact of Changing Demographics on the Transportation System, Washington, DC, 27 October (with F. Hebbert, E. Ben-Joseph, J. Coughlin).
  15. “El entorno construido y la tenencia y uso del automóvil: Evidencia de Santiago de Chile.” 2008. XV Congreso Panamericano de Ingeniería de Tránsito y Transporte, Cartagena, Colombia, 16 September.
  16.  “Data Fusion for Travel Demand Management: State of the Practice and Prospects.” 2008. 4th International Symposium on Travel Demand Management, Vienna – Semmering, Austria, 17 July (with F. Pereira, A. Amey, M. Veloso, L. Liu, C. Bento, A. Biderman).
  17.  “Potentials and Challenges of Using Clean Development Mechanism for Transport-Efficient Development: A Case Study of Nanchang, China.” 2008.  Presentation at Joint ACSP-AESOP Conference, Chicago, 8 July (with Y. Chen).
  18. “‘Everyday life without a car would be impossible.’ A Comparative Study of Baby Boomers’ Travel Behavior and Residential Preferences in Age-Restricted and Typical Suburban Neighborhoods.” 2008. Poster presentation at Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (with E. Ben-Joseph, F. Hebbert, J. Coughlin).
  19. “’AS IF’ Kyoto Mattered: Urban Transportation & the Clean Development Mechanism in Santiago de Chile.” 2007.  11th World Conference on Transportation Research, Berkeley, CA, 25 June.

Invited Lectures and Seminars (last 5 years)

  1. “Institutional Dimensions of Sustainable Real-Time Mobility.” 2011. Future Urban Mobility Workshop, Singapore, 12 January.
  2. “Sustainable Metropolitan Mobility: A carbon imperative in the developing world?”. 2010. MIT Research and Development Conference,Track 3: Mobility and Transportation, 16 November.
  3. “Measuring Urban Mobility Performance Across Scales, Times and Places: Examples, Challenges, Possibilities.” 2010. Lecture at the Land Transport Authority Academy, Singapore, August.
  4. “Towards Sustainable Urban Mobility in the 21st Century: Principles and Two Comparative Examples.” 2010. Research Symposium for Spanish and Latin American Academics: Management in Public Policy: Sustainable Cities in a Globalized World, Lecture for David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies – Harvard University (DRCLAS) and Real Colegio Complutense, Cambridge, July.
  5. “Euros vs. Green in Transportation: Implications of the economic crisis and climate change.” 2010. Panel session in memory of Marvin L Manheim, Sponsored by Transport Policy, World Conference on Transport Research Lisbon, Portugal, July.
  6. “Simulation of future scenarios and policies affecting urban regeneration: The Lisbon Case.” 2010. Presentation at Third Scenario Planning Workshop, Lisbon, July (w with L. Martinez).
  7. “Does Energy Follow Form? Towards a Life Cycle Analysis of Residential Neighborhoods in Jinan, China.” 2010. Presentation at Low Carbon City, Low Carbon China, China Planning Network – Urbanization Summit, Nanjing, China, 22 June.
  8. “Hacia sistemas sustentables de movilidad urbana en el siglo 21: principios fundamentales y ejemplos.” 2010 Programa de Capacitación para Jóvenes Profesionales en Planeamiento, Regulación y Gestión Pública, del Transporte Urbano Metropolitano Noveno Seminario de Actualización, Buenos Aires, May 28.
  9. Mobility’s Footprint? Transportation, the Built Environment and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Developing Cities, Transportation@MIT, Spring 2010 Seminar Series, 6 April 2010.
  10. Urban Regeneration: Local Factors and Driving Forces in the Cities of Coimbra, Lisbon, and Porto, presentation at Second Scenario Planning Workshop, Porto, Portugal, March, 2010.
  11. Towards Robust Strategies for Uncertain Times, presentation at First Scenario Planning Workshop, Coimbra, Portugal, Jan. 2010.
  12.  “Pervasive real-time mobility data: Implications for transportation strategy.” 2009. Pervasive real-time mobility data: Implications for transportation strategy. InMotion’09: 1st Workshop on Pervasive Technologies for Improved Mobility and Transportation, Nara, Japan, 11 May (with J. Sussman, T. Dunn).
  13. “Adelantos en la investigación del uso de suelo y la movilidad.” 2008. IV Congreso Internacional de Transporte Sustentable Movilidad y Salud: de cara al futuro, Ciudad de México, World Trade Center, 27 de octubre.
  14. “Mobility & Urban Development “AS IF” Kyoto Mattered: What Role for the Clean Development Mechanism?” 2008. MIT Industrial Liaison Program Future of Mobility Conference, 23 September.
  15. “Instrumentos financieros y económicos para el manejo sostenible de la movilidad: hacia donde “se debe” y hacia donde se mueven las ciudades.” 2008. Conferencia Internacional Andina sobre Movilidad Urbana Sostenible, Quito, Ecuador, 30 July.
  16. “’AS IF’ Kyoto Mattered: Transportation and the Clean Development Mechanism.” 2008. University of Connecticut, Depts. of Geography and Civil & Environmental Engineering, Spring Graduate Transportation Seminar Series, 25 April.
  17. “Mobility and Sustainable Cities.” 2008.  Changing Cities: Celebrating 75 Years of Planning Better Futures at MIT, 4 April.
  18. “La Planificación Integrada de Transporte y el Desarrollo Urbano.” 2008. Latin America Mayor’s Conference, Ash Institute and John F. Kennedy School of Government, 31 March.
  19. “Responsive Urban Mobility in Innovative and Sustainable Regions.” 2008. Grenoble, Digital City-Region: Innovation et conception de l’espace habité contemporain, School of Architecture of Grenoble, France, 27 March.
  20. “MIT-Portugal Program – Transportation Systems: Towards a ‘Responsive Mobility.’” 2008. MIT Responsive Cities Luncheon, 27 February.
  21. “Transporte Público: Hacia la Reforma.” 2007. Primer Seminario para la Modernizacion del Transporte, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 7-8 July.
  22. “The Clean Development Mechanism and Transportation.“ 2007. Urban Climate Change Research Network: An International Symposium, Columbia University, 11 May.
  23. “Regional Strategic Transportation Planning: Toward Sustainable Urban and Regional Development.”  2007, MIT-Portugal Program Transportation Systems Workshop, Lisbon, 29 January.